It’s All So Ironic

Ironically, right after receiving the Fire Department’s Neighborhood of the Year Award for “organizing and preparing for unexpected disasters”, we are hit with a disaster we didn’t expect or prepare for: COVID-19. Furthermore, right now, Lido Isle is neither organized nor prepared for even expected disasters. Our staging area and shed are under construction, our supplies aren’t accessible and social distancing is in place. Award or no award, for the time being, each household must depend on its own resources.

Another irony. The title of this month’s column was going to be How to Survive in your Car during an Earthquake, Part 2. I think that can wait until we are actually spending time in our cars.

Cheer up…social distancing will end; we’ll be driving again; the improved San Remo staging area will be completed; our bigger shed will be restocked and our Emergency Response volunteers will be out of isolation.

In the meantime, if you find yourself at home with time on your hands, here are some things you can do:

1. Survey your home to identify and remove or minimize hazards. This site will help you:


2. If you don’t have a disaster kit, start assembling one with items you have now and

make a list of things to buy when the stores are open and supplies are available.

3. If you already have a kit, check the expiration dates on your food, water and first

aid supplies. Also, make sure your flashlight, battery-operated radio etc. are working.

4. Send me an email at thegailreisman@ to say you want to volunteer for

the Lido Emergency Response Team because you realize now how important it is to be prepared and neighborly.

Stay Well…. Gail

Better days are ahead…