Important Update to Residents Regarding Response to COVID-19

Dear Community Residents,

We are continuing to monitor the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and its potential impact on our client communities. GrandManors is taking precautionary measures for our employees and the residents in the communities we serve across the nation.

Previously we had communicated how our web-based, proprietary technology is allowing our team to continue to provide uninterrupted service by working from anywhere with an internet connection. This week, we take this opportunity to review features available to you via our Resident Portal to help you avoid service disruptions. With our Resident Services Group experiencing an increased volume due to the current situation, the Resident Portal may offer you a quicker source for necessary information and services. For a detailed tutorial with complete instructions, please refer to our “Getting Acquainted with the Resident Portal Tutorial” document available on the GrandManors website at

In addition, should you be experiencing delays in postal delivery, the portal allows you to view your account balance and continue to keep your account current by making free online assessment payments, regardless of whether you have received a current statement. During these difficult times, your assessment dollars are more important than ever, as unlike “for-profit” corporations, they are the only source of revenue your association receives. Without them, services necessary to properly maintain your community, curb appeal, and property values could not continue.

If this is your first visit to the Resident Portal, you will first need to register your account. To do so, you just need your Customer ID, Community ID, and Check Digit, which you will find on any coupon or statement you have previously received. If you cannot locate this information, please contact us at 855-947-2636 or for assistance. To access the Resident Portal, simply click on the following link:

Once logged into the portal, a wide variety of features are at your disposal, including:

● View important community announcements on the Home Page
● Update names of your contacts, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for uninterrupted communications
● View your account status, and print an account statement with mailing address should you need to mail in a payment ● View a complete payment history to verify payments you have sent have posted to your account
● Make a One-Time Payment via e-check credit card (click the QuickPayment link to make a payment without logging in ● Set up Recurring Payments to allow assessment payments to auto-draft from your bank account (at no charge)
● View the names of your current Board of Directors
● View association financial information, delinquency statistics, expense history, and a deed restriction violation summary ● View Community Information such as the landscaping service, trash removal service, and insurance agent
● View the Directory displaying all addresses in your community, and information for owners who have opted to disclose it ● View a community calendar with dates of scheduled meetings, events and amenity reservations (where applicable)
● View association documents including governing documents, financials, and budgets, plus copies of letters mailed to you ● View a simplified Use Restriction Summary to help familiarize yourself with your association’s use requirements
● Report a Violation anonymously, including date and time-stamped photograph
● Use the Contact Us tool to submit a request for any other matter you require assistance with

We are here to help. It is an honor to serve you and your community.

Best Regards,
The GrandManors Executive Team