Lido Islander Advertising Information

The Lido Islander is Lido Isle’s very own newspaper, and is an excellent way to cost-effectively reach the exclusive audience of Lido Isle homeowners with your advertising message. Published monthly, the tabloid-sized Islander is not only a big and bold vehicle for your ad, but it reaches over 850 households every month in the upscale Lido Isle community.

First published in 1954, the Lido Islander reports on island news, activities and Lido Isle Community Association business.

Lido Islander Editions
The Lido Islander is published in two editions:

  • The print edition, printed tabloid size, in full color on glossy stock, distributed by mail to Lido Isle households and homeowners.
  • The online edition, which is distributed in color via e-mail/PDF file to Lido Isle homeowners who have opted to receive their Lido Islander in this environmentally friendly manner.
The Lido Islander is published on or about the first of every month, and deadline to reserve space and to submit advertising materials is the 12th of the month preceding the issue of insertion (e.g., May 12 for the June issue).

Paid advertising is accepted from qualified advertisers among the public at large who meet Lido Islander / LICA advertising guidelines.Ads must conform to specified units and sizes, and prepaid discounts are available. The Lido Islander Advertising Information Sheet (which includes policies, rates and ad sizes) and Advertising Insertion Authorization (which includes materials requirements) provides more information on advertising in the Lido Islander.

For more information, or if you have any questions about advertising in the Lido Islander, contact the Lido Islander Staff Coordinator at (949) 673-6170. To reserve your ad space, email a completed Advertising Insertion Authorization to

Lido Islander Information Sheet

Lido Islander Advertising Specifications

Lido Islander Insertion Authorization